Common Hot Water Issues & How to Get Them Fixed

You and your family cannot be as comfortable as you can be in your home without a dependable source of hot water. When your hot water has an issue, you are going to notice right away. Morning showers will not be invigorating, dishes will not get clean, and laundry will become more complicated. The first step in fixing a hot water issue is identifying what is causing it.

What commonly causes hot water issues in a home?

  • Gas line leak: The first issue on our list is probably the most serious: a potential gas line leak. If you have a water heater that operates on gas, then it might not be receiving enough or any gas to efficiently heat the water stored in the tank. Please contact a professional as soon as possible if you suspect a gas line leak could be causing your home’s hot water issues. Never attempt to fix a gas line problem on your own, as it presents an extremely dangerous situation if mishandled.
  • Heating element: Some water heaters have a special heating element used to rapidly heat the water. Heating elements tend to be fragile when compared to other parts of a water heater system. It is possible the heating element has worn down if it has not been replaced in some time.
  • Pilot light: Gas water heaters need a pilot light to get started, just like the oven in your kitchen. Relighting a pilot light can be a simple, quick fix, depending on the model of your water heater. Check the instruction manual to see how it is done. When in doubt, call a professional.
  • Sediment: If a water heater has a tank, as most do, then sediment can buildup overtime within the tank. A thick layer of sediment will effectively insulate the tank, making it more difficult for the flame to actually heat up the water inside.
  • Thermostat: Some models of water heaters — especially newer tankless water heaters — use a thermostat component to measure the internal water temperature. However, the slightest miscalculation or issue with the thermostat’s electrical components could cause it to become inaccurate. You may set the water temperature to your desired temperature, only for it to heat at a much lower temperature.

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