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Our Modesto plumbers understand that your water heater is an essential appliance in your home, which means that a problem is more than just a minor inconvenience. Without hot water, you’re unable to bathe, do laundry, clean your dishes, and much more. When you need your water heater replaced, Mainline Plumbing Inc. has the tools and knowledge to get you the new system you need. We always make it a point to deliver high-quality results by installing a new, state of the art system when your existing one stops working. We can even outfit your home with a modern tankless water heater system so you can save money on energy and never run out of hot water again!

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Do You Need A Modesto Water Heater Installation Service?

Water heaters can stop working for a wide range of reasons. Some minor problems can simply be repaired. However, you may want to consider an installation if your water heater is starting to age to avoid a more serious issue that could cause damage to your home.

Water Heaters Are Prone To Many Malfunctions, Including, But Not Limited To:

  • Improper temperature regulation: This can result from a failure in the heating unit, leaks, or an appliance with a capacity that’s too small for your household.
  • Strange noises or odors: This may also be a problem, but in some cases, the water source could be to blame. Some troubles can be mitigated by installing a tankless water heater, which raises temperatures and immediately passes on the hot liquid for use without storing it.
  • Leaks: A leaking tank is one of the worst problems that a water heater can have. They’re nearly impossible to repair, and they could damage everything from drywall to your home’s structure to your flooring, furniture, and other property. A leaking water heater needs to be replaced right away.

Tankless Water Heater Installations

We can even outfit your home with a new tankless water heater system that saves both water and energy! Tankless water heaters have no internal holding tank, which means you’re far less likely to encounter a dangerous leak, rusting and corrosion, or a number of other issues that traditional tank-style heaters are at risk for. Plus their heat-as-you-go design means you’ll never run out of hot water or have an obnoxious wait for your heater to refill ever again.

Signs You Need A Water Heater Replacement

While taking care of your water heater through maintenance can extend its lifespan and usability, even the most well-built heater will need to be replaced after some time. One indication that you need to replace your water heater is when your old one is unable to provide you with sufficient hot water. There are several signs that can indicate your system is breaking down, so make sure to keep an eye on your water heater all year-round.

When To Replace A Water Heater

  • It Is Old - When your water heater hits the 15-year mark, you should look into getting a new one even if the old heater is still working fine at the moment. It's better to replace the unit before it completely shuts down, leaving your family with no hot water.
  • It Produces Rusty Water - An obvious sign something is wrong is when your water is no longer clear in color. Old water heaters will cause rust to get into your home’s water supply. You do not want to bathe or cook with this water, so it is best to swap the water heater out with a new one.
  • It Is Cracking - Old water heaters can develop cracks and begin to leak everywhere. Although your water heater will likely be located in an area of the house you do not go to that often, you should still inspect it routinely, and get a replacement if you notice any visible cracking.

When the time comes for your replacement, our Modesto water heater installation team will make sure you’re not left to struggle without hot water any longer than is absolutely necessary.

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Mainline Plumbing Inc. has more nearly 30 years of experience providing reliable water heater replacements and outstanding customer service to customers all over California’s Central Valley. Each of our Modesto water heater installation experts is trained in the latest technology and is ready to serve you and your home with the same care and attention to detail we would show our own homes. There’s no substitute for quality, and we make sure to exceed your expectations in all aspects when you need your water heater replaced.

For superior water heater installation in Modesto and the surrounding areas, contact Mainline Plumbing Inc. to request a service today.

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