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Many of the most common plumbing problems are due to issues with drains. Having a clean drain is important because it helps direct all of your unwanted water and waste off of your property. When your drains fail to do their job, your whole day can be ruined. Thankfully Mainline Plumbing Inc. is always available to provide you with high-quality drain cleaning in Modesto.

Our plumbing specialists can tackle nearly any drain fixture in your home or business, including, but not limited to:


Quality Drain Cleaning & Repair Services

If your drains are backed up, there’s no need to fret. Just give us a call and put your mind at ease while we resolve the problem for you. Don’t waste your money or time on store-bought liquid cleaners. Our Modesto drain cleaning experience has shown that they usually make the problem worse. Those cleaners are also known to corrode and destroy pipes, which can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Our experienced plumbers in Modesto have years of experience cleaning drains and always come prepared to every job site. We can use hydro-jetting technology in cases where too much debris or grease has built up in your drain. Not only is it the most effective way to clean drains, but it is also the safest method of drain cleaning there is.

Get in touch with us immediately if:

  • Your drains are clogged
  • Foul or strange odors are coming from your drains
  • You experience overflows or back-ups
  • Your drains are running slowly

Call (209) 560-6652 or contact us online today for fast and affordable drain cleaning in Modesto, CA.

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How to Naturally Clean Your Drains

When it comes to clogged drains, most people reach for the Drano or other chemical products to clear it away. While this may be a quick fix, it can end up doing more harm than good. The chemicals can not only erode the pipes, but they can also expose your home to toxic fumes. Luckily, there are natural alternatives to clear your drains.

Clear Drains with Baking Soda & Vinegar

  • Mix ¼ cup of table salt and ½ cup baking soda and pour it down the drain
  • Take 1 cup of warm vinegar and pour it in after (you’ll see it foam and bubble, this is good!)
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes
  • Run tap water through the drain

Not a fan of vinegar? No problem – you can use lemon juice to unclog your drains. All you have to do it pour hot water down your drains first. Once the build-up has loosened, pour 8 ounces of baking soda down the drain followed by 8 ounces of lemon juice. You will see a similar bubbling effect. Let this sit for 15 minutes. Finally, flush your pipes by pouring boiling water down it again.

How to Unclog a Kitchen Drain

To unclog your kitchen sink, pour 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar down the drain, cover it with a sink stopper, let the solution settle for 15 minutes, then run hot water to break up and clear the clog. If you continue to experience issues, reach out to a local plumber for professional drain cleaning service.

How to Clear a Clogged Bathtub or Shower Drain

After boiling a pot of water, carefully pour it into the drain to break up soap scum and hair buildup. Next, weaken blockages even further by adding a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Remove the stopper and use your plunger if problems persist.

How to Clear a Clogged Water Heater?

Start by closing your water heater’s drain valve. Next connect your water heater's drain valve and the faucet of a nearby washtub (typically threaded) with a wash machine fill hose. Turn on the faucet and open your water heater's drain valve for 10 -15 seconds.

The goal is for the running water to break up sediment buildup near the valve. After turning off the water and closing the drain valve, disconnect the hose from your faucet, and open your water heater’s drain valve to drain the tank. If water doesn't drain and issues continue, you may need to replace your drain valve.

Why Is My Drain Backed Up?

Drains can become clogged for various reasons, though the most common causes of stoppages include obstruction from hair, tree roots, food waste, soap, or kitchen grease. The best way to remedy a stopped drain is simply to prevent them from being clogged in the first place.

Practices such as never using your toilet or drain as a wastebasket, disposing of cooking oils and grease in the garbage instead of pouring them down the drain, and installing hair guards in your shower and bathroom drains can all help to minimize your risk of a clog and keep water flowing freely.

We Are Your Modesto Drain Cleaning Professionals

At Mainline Plumbing Inc., our skilled plumbers use snake drains, hydrojetting technology, and other innovative methods to unclog drains. We understand drains are one of the most vital aspects of all plumbing systems and it’s important that they are in an optimal condition at all times. Small clogs and other minor problems can become much bigger if they’re left ignored. We treat our customers and their homes with care and ensure that they are comfortable before, during, and after our Modesto plumbing service. Get in touch with us today and see for yourself.

Call us today or contact us online for trustworthy drain cleaning in Modesto and the surrounding areas. We are proud to service all of the Central Valley!

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