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Repairing and Installing Water Heaters for Stockton Customers

Your water heater is an essential appliance in your home. When it has problems, you’re not just looking at a major inconvenience. Without hot water, you’re unable to bathe, do laundry or perform other necessary household tasks. With proper maintenance, most models last around 10 years before needing replacement. However, you also need experts in water heater repair and installation to ensure that you’re not left high and dry if unexpected problems occur. Let Mainline Plumbing Inc. be your brigade of professionals, ready to service or replace your water heater in Stockton.

Common Problems

Water heaters are prone to many kinds of malfunctions. Improper temperature regulation can result from a failure in its heating unit, leaks or an appliance with a capacity too small for your household. Strange noises or odors may also be a problem, but in some cases, the source water could be to blame. Some troubles may be mitigated by installing a tankless unit, which raises temperatures and immediately passes on the hot liquid for use without storing it. No internal holding tank means that there’s a lesser likelihood of rusting and leaks. No matter what your specific issue, our technicians can quickly diagnose it and make appropriate recommendations to get your life back on track.

Water Softeners

Some areas can be plagued with hard water, which has a high mineral content. Resulting problems include increased detergent usage, dry skin and hair, damage to appliances and buildup of lime and soap scum in showers and bathtubs. We can recommend a water softener to remove the excess dissolved minerals, eliminating these and many other associated problems.

Trust the Experts in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties

Customers in Stockton, Manteca and Modesto have counted on Mainline Plumbing Inc. for superior quality plumbing services for almost 30 years. Besides service for residential, commercial and industrial hot water heaters, our technicians can also help with leak detection. Call us today at 209-838-1000.